Conscious Living

Conscious living is nothing more than being aware of each and every moment – of living in the now. By living in the moment we cease to identify with past and present and with those the cascade of thoughts with which we erroneously identify.

Will You Hear It?


As I see it, we move through this thing called ‘my life’ until, at some point, our sense of ownership and control over it…

Let’s Get Naked


Think I’ve shared this before, but in my early teens I kind of got swept up in stories about near-death experiences, about how all…

What I See, Today


So here’s what I can tell you about the spiritual journey in the event you’re one of those types who mostly pays lip service…

Judge Not Lest Ye Be


I read somewhere¬†that the Truth in mystical teachings is revealed to the degree the reader or listener is ready. Until then, the mind will…