overcoming suffering

Life is suffering and let no man or woman tell you different. We suffer because we perpetuate the same conditioned thinking handed down to us by our parents, peers, culture, etc., that were handed down to them. These “Sins of the Fathers” can be stopped only when we at last turn within and examine that which we believe to be true about ourselves and the world around us.

You Are NOT Your Story


In my garage sit several boxes filled with the after effects of my father’s life, including hundreds of photos of unfamiliar faces stretching back…

My Wish for the Sufferer


I feel compelled to start this post with yet another giant disclaimer: this blog is a confessional not meant to teach anyone anything. As…

Will You Hear It?


As I see it, we move through this thing called ‘my life’ until, at some point, our sense of ownership and control over it…